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Artist: Dusk

Song Title: "Sanctuary"

Release Date: January 7th, 2019

In honor of the Kingdom Hearts III video game release, Los Angeles-based alt-rock band Dusk paid homage to the video game series with their single release of “Sanctuary”, a unique atmospheric but heavy take on the ethereal masterpiece by Japanese-American singer, Utada Hikaru.

Romantic PR stepped in to help brand and market "Sanctuary" to the alternative rockvideo game, and Kingdom Hearts community.


Campaign Results

+ 71,169 reach in new listeners

+ 39,481 streams

+ 13,872 monthly listeners

Total Playlist Reach

-Added to 8 alternative rock playlists (Reach: 62,493)

-Added to Kingdom Hearts / video game playlists (Reach: 5,005)

-Added to 15 algorithmic Spotify playlists by Particle Detector (Reach: 3,671)

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